• Contract Negotiations
    AEI has more than two decades of experience and is recognized as one of the elite representation firms in the country.  This recognition is based upon the fact that AEI cares about and works on behalf of and in the best interest of its clients.
  • Performance Enhancement
    AEI understand the importance of being both mentally and physically prepared as you showcase your talent for professional personnel.  The Pre-draft schedule includes the following;
    College All-Star Games
    NFL Combine Training
    Pro Day Training
    Individual workouts and interviews
    NFL Draft
  • Marketing
    AEI designs a marketing plan for each client to maximize income potential during and at the conclusion of their playing career.  AEI pursues endorsement and other commercial opportunities for our clients on a local, regional, and national level.  We take into account each client's primary market, public image, outside interests and available time in developing this strategy.
  • Concierge
    AEI is committed to meeting the needs of every client.  AEI will assist you in handling the details and concerns of everyday life.
  • Continuing Education
    Are you interested in completing your degree or pursuing graduate studies?  AEI will assist with obtaining and directing you toward accomplishing this goal.
  • Post-Career Planning
    Athletic careers do not last forever.  At AEI, we utilize our numerous professional contacts to assist our clients in obtaining jobs and pursuing their professional careers outside of athletics.  The bottom line is that we value you more as a person than as an athlete.  Whatever your interest may be, once your athletic career has concluded, we have the resources to make your post-career dreams come true.